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Why Donate?


Services Provided

The Sue DiNapoli Ovarian Cancer Society (SDOCS) is the ONLY Southern Colorado organization providing financial assistance of medical expenses to gynecologic cancer patients in Southern Colorado. SDOCS is the ONLY organization working to raise awareness of ovarian cancer symptoms and risk factors in Southern Colorado.



We currently partner with over 40 local businesses to fund the Sue’s Gift Financial Assistance Program to assist Southern Colorado women with gynecologic cancer. SDOCS focuses on community events to raise awareness about the disease.



After persevering for over eight years, SDOCS continues to gain momentum through health growth and continued outreach.



We serve as a partner member in four key groups that align and support our cause: Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Alliance, Pikes Peak Breast Health Connection, and Colorado Cancer Coalition’s Ovarian Cancer Task Force. We are also aligned with Southern Colorado Gynecologic Oncology. 


The Underdog of Women's Cancer

SDOCS is putting a loud voice to a silent killer.  Ovarian cancer is often underfunded and ignored. As the fifth leading cause of cancer deaths among women, ovarian cancer deserves more attention and more funds. SDOCS hopes to raise the level of awareness and funding in our community.

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