We promise to be an unparalleled local advocate for those touched by gynecologic cancer through intentional consistent grassroots efforts.

About the Sue DiNapoli Ovarian Cancer Society

The Sue DiNapoli Ovarian Cancer Society (SDOCS) believes every woman deserves her best chance at survival regardless of her economic situation. We assist Southern Colorado ladies with the costs associated with gynecologic cancer diagnoses through the Sue’s Gift Financial Assistance Program. SDOCS is the only charity in Colorado that assists women in this way. This program is funded by local businesses and individual donors. Whether it’s health insurance deductibles, doctor’s bills, or paying for prescriptions, Sue’s Gift is a promise to the women of Colorado Springs that no one stands alone when it comes to battling cancer.


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We Value...



We are unselfishly devoted to the welfare of our clients, VolunTeals, staff, and our community.  We commit to the personal experiences of the people affected by gynecologic cancer. We strive to support the emotional and financial needs of those touched by ovarian cancer.

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We raise the level of knowledge and awareness of ovarian cancer symptoms and risk factors by participating in community events. We continually put ourselves out there through many forms of communication including social media, email, TV and radio.

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We focus on providing a clear and consistent message with the appropriate volume for our intended audience.  We are strategic and intentional in our own internal communications with the planning and execution of events, needs, strategies and goals.

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We accept diversity and honor everyone we associate with and their unique story. We are sensitive to the process of healing and supporting each other.

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We strive to get to know our clients, VolunTeals, and supporters at a deeper level and building necessary trust while being true to the SDOCS values. We will be nice, respectful, and thoughtful while being a trusted ambassador for SDOCS.

Who was Sue DiNapoli?

The Sue DiNapoli Ovarian Cancer Society (SDOCS) began its crusade following the death of Sue DiNapoli, a longtime Colorado Springs resident who lost her five year battle with ovarian cancer in 2005.  Motivated by the memory of their mother and the need to help other women and their families, SDOCS has grown into Southern Colorado’s strongest advocate and support network for women battling this heinous disease. Their mission is to support low income and under-insured women in Southern Colorado through the Sue’s Gift Financial Assistance Program and to educate the community about ovarian cancer symptoms and risk factors.

Sue DiNapoli was a Colorado Springs woman in the prime of her life when she received her ovarian cancer diagnosis. Sue had excellent health insurance through her employer but still the bills piled up. As she bravely battled this disease, she often worried as much for other women’s financial well-being as for her own health. “Making seriously ill women choose between paying for their cancer treatment and paying for their house payment seems unusually cruel,” she once commented. She struggled with ovarian cancer for over 5 years and passed away in 2005. Her family started SDOCS in her honor.